Why Donate?

thc-childThis lovely child shares her shy smile. She lives in a cardboard hut, eats every other day and has no access to clean drinking water. Early each morning, her mother weaves a red ribbon with a yellow clip into her hair.  Her mother and father leave to sell fruit in the downtown market. They are often sick from poor water and cannot work. They struggle to earn enough money for food and pray that someday they will have enough money to send their daughter to school.

She has grace, dignity, tenacity. We share our love, respect and resources.

The Haiti Connection needs your help, please contribute your time, talents and make a financial donation. With safe water, nutritious food, an education, and medical care, children have foundations for their futures. Join us. We build friendships and foundations. We pray, play, and work together.

  • Teach first aid, computer science or computer repair. Install a pump or roof. Install a generator or science lab.
  • Maintain the web site’s list of Resources, create a data base, and work with the conference and water committees.
  • Collect surgical supplies, reading glasses, Legos, books in French, soccer balls, pumps, and additional stems.

$ 30 Purchases two narrow-neck clean water containers for safe water in a child’s home.

$ 100 Buys a microscope for students to examine contaminated water or 25 jars of peanut butter.

$ 250 Pays for the Communication Network for a month, or sponsors a teacher or nursing student.

$ 750 Provides supplies for a school’s science lab or funds the Clean Water-Sanitation Education Project.

$ 1,500 Sponsors a volunteer that re-roofs a home, teaches science, treats patients, or installs a computer lab.

$10,000 Pays for a community well, a solar system, a small home, or sponsors a medical clinic for a month.