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The Haiti Connection initiates coalitions, and provides information and support
for collaborative educational, medical, and spiritual projects.

Communications & Information Systems

In 2000, The Haiti Connection organized to improve communication and establish global collaborative networks for those who work in Haiti. We research and evaluate information for the web site’s extensive lists of resources. The Connection’s annual conference provides opportunities to exchange information and learn about effective projects. After the earthquake, thousands of people used our established networks to communicate. The list of 700 health-care providers provided information to establish the clusters. We posted urgent needs for sterile surgical supplies. Corporations and medical centers donated four pallets of medical supplies that Rotary International flew to doctors on our advisory board.

Clean Water & Sanitation Project

The Clean Water Demonstration and Education Project is a multiphase project. Our web site has lists of water and sanitation projects and their contacts. Our science project educates students about clean water and sanitation. They can make, and decorate, water filters for their homes. People, who want to construct a safe water project, can visit our working demonstration site with models of an effective well, pump, cistern, various filters, storage containers and sterilazitation techniques. See our list of organizations and projects.

Global Health & Medical Projects

The Connection works with associates in Haiti to initiate the Haiti Health Coalition. We participate in mobile medical clinics in connection with local health care providers. In response to requests, we collect reading glasses, medical and surgical supplies. Our web site has protocols for immunizations. Associates provide strategic plans to establish and maintain clinics. One day of our annual conference is dedicated to health- care.  

Educational Projects

Volunteers with our Computer Project install software in donated computers that we send to clinics and schools; some on rugged mountain ridges, or beside fields of sugar cane, or to schools in crowded cities. The Connection donated over 200 computers to schools and clinics that meet our criteria. We collect and deliver musical instruments, books in French, and futballs with pumps and stems. We plan the water project at a school.

Spiritual Support

Our faith is our foundation. Members of the Connection are of many faiths and creeds who worship together on rugged mountain ridges, by deep blue seas, or under a canopy of protective sky and trees. We learn about tenacity, dignity, and respect. We encourage and support one another.


We appreciate your prayers, support, and encouragement. Ongoing needs are computers and flat-screen monitors, sterile surgical supplies, microscopes, and reading glasses. We need funds to support these projects. Donate to the water project, to sustain the web site, or sponsor a trip. Our Contributions page has additional information on how individuals and organizations can contribute their time, talents, and gifts.