The Haiti Connection organized in 2000 to improve communications, initiate coalitions, and provide information and support to those who work on collaborative educational and medical projects in Haiti.
babygirl Babette has clean water, nutritious food, and attends an excellent school. Her father graduated with a degree in accounting and her mother is a nurse who helped children after the earthquake.
girl This child has dignity, grace, and tenacity. Someone who loves her wove a red ribbon in her hair. She and her family need clean water, good food, a safe shelter, and education for productive employment. Join us to give them opportunities for her future.

Accomplishments and Opportunities

  • Members of the medical coalitions immunized 34,000 children.
  • We research and evaluate information for this web site’s Resources.
  • Our medical network provides medical referrals for ill or injured patients.
    Volunteers collect hundreds of books for libraries and computers for schools.
  • After the earthquake, corporations and hospitals donated $400,000 of sterile surgical supplies to The Haiti Connection that Rotary International flew to our associates in Haiti.
  • Churches, a book club, and Rotary club donated 3,000 reading glasses for people in tents.
  • Associates teach students about safe water, work in medical clinics, and construct homes.
  • Donors can fund a water project; collect surgical supplies, books, computers and footballs.
  • Contribute funds to dig a well, for household water bottles, for teachers and scholarships.
  • Teach, learn, enjoy music and art, establish friendships, join in worship, be an associate.