The Haiti Connection organized in 2000. Our goals are: improve communication, establish global networks, and initiate coalitions for educational, medical, water and sanitation projects.

Accomplishments and Opportunities

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We research and evaluate information for the web site’s extensive lists of resources. People use our Medical Referral list-serve to seek help for ill or injured children. The Water-Sanitation list-serve provides opportunities to exchange information. We participate in meetings, and answer thousands of e-mails and telephone calls. One coalition contributes food for thousands of students. Our Computer Project volunteers donated over 220 computers to schools and clinics. A student collected 500 books and established a library for friends in Haiti A book club donated funds for books. Our medical advisors arranged for immunizations for 34,000 children. After the earthquake, thousands of people used our networks to seek help or offer disaster relief. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services established the UN’s Cluster with our list of 600 health care organizations. In response to urgent requests, corporations and medical centers donated $400,000 of sterile surgical supplies that Rotary International flew to our medical associates in Haiti .We took 3,000 pairs of reading glasses to people in tent cities.

We need your help. Include us in your prayers. Join us. Collect computers, glasses, surgical supplies, soccer balls, and pumps. Teach computer programing, music, and about safe water. Replace a leaky roof, volunteer at a school or a clinic. Maintain our web site or data base. Individuals, churches, and groups can contribute funds to support these projects.